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Resistance - Demo
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Type: Resistance Band Sound Effects / Recordings

Specs: 72 Files • 244 Sounds • 24 Bit /96 kHz • includes metadata

I would love to introduce you to sound library that is a little different:

“Resistance” is a library that I’ve created while working on a Game Collaboration and an animation series called “Car City” - and it has been essential to my sound designs and editorial touches towards the final product in all productions. It has truly proven itself as being as a really helpful asset in a number of different circumstances, from characters growth and transformations to jumping elements in a cartoon style!
This library contains 72 files - and every single one of them is provided with variations for an expanded use for your production. All sound elements were recorded under controlled conditions to ensure that all the details of the sounds were captured in a dry recording environment.
All the content has been recorded with two kinds of microphones: RODE NT2A gave the sounds their low-mid detail; and a Sennheiser ME66, which is a shotgun microphone with a strong characteristic in the high mid frequencies.
Let your designing imagination be the limit of your creation!

Crackling Plastic

Type: Plastic Sound Effects / Recordings

Specs: 27 Files • 85 Sounds • 24 Bit /96 kHz • includes metadata

We needed to trim the lawn but we run out on trimmer line! So, ended up ordering a new one, which unfortunately didn’t fit the machine but it sounded amazing while putting pressure on it.

I ended up creating a little Library for Sound Design Purposes and I would love to share it with you for free with the purchase of Resistance.