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1982 Porsche 911 SC

Type: Vehicle Sound Effects / Recordings

Specs: 110 Files • 429 Sounds • 24 Bit /96 kHz • includes metadata

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I would love to introduce you to the 1982 Porsche 911 SC sound library for your sound editorial and designing purposes!

This novel collection provides you with an extensive multi-microphone recording session.

By recording the car on a car lift, these recordings give you an unique proximate and one-meter distance recordings of the engine, as well as a broad detail of the exhaust and a stereo image of the interior of the vehicle for all your needs.

All microphone positions (Proximate, One meter distance, Exhaust and interior) have been synched and are provided as labeled Polyphonic Wav files (Multichannel).

For those users who prefer separated files – we have those too! Just use the files which work for you and your workflow best.

Note: The car wasn’t recorded in motion (while driving on the street). 

With a large collection of Idling, Reverse, Steady RPMs, Revs, Engine cooling, Accelerations and Decelerations  you will be able to use these sounds as a wonderful organic layer to your vehicle sound designs and edits.

Additionally, this library supplies you with a small selection of car foley recordings.

Let your designing imagination be the limit of your creation!

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Polyphonic WAV. (Multichannel)
File structure

File structure

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