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Our Services

Your story is important to us.

Royal Blue Audio specializes in Sound Post Production for feature films, short films, documentaries, animation, web series and commercials.

5.1 Surround Mix

We are providing you an immersed audio experience supporting your story, characters and plot. It is important to us to guide the audience through audio supported emotions, environments and changes.

Sound Editing

We love to work with our extensive sound libraries to create the right-sounding environment for your production. The detail in sound can guide the human hearing and the mind alongside the story.

Foley Editing

All textures such as Footsteps, Props used on screen, Characters clothing and hand touches can be crucial artistic features which can drive the listeners subconscious throughout the story.


We like to cover these elements with our library as well as work with a pool of talented foley artists for additional coverage.

Dialogue Editing

Having a comprehensive and powerful dialogue is the key to your production. 
We would love to ensure understandable voices with our skillset in dialogue editing, cleaning (iZotope RX Advanced).


Sound Designing

Our passion for manipulating and designing sound will support the emotions in your piece. We enjoy creating unheard sounds that blend in with all the elements your production has to offer.

Sound Recording

Our experiences in recording and creating Sound Libraries gives your project an extra touch of unique and rich sound recordings.

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