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Some of our credits

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Feature Film

Two Guys locked down in a pandemic program become human test objects of an unethical doctor.


We created a tensioned audio surrounding to support the mysterious, adventurous and discovering story line.


Proof of Concept

A Caribbean rooted neighborhood experiences disappearances of its cultural monuments. 


We provided the protagonist’s journey with a unique Sound Design of her ancestral magic to unfold the mystery.

Animation short film

An adventurous story of a girl trying to find friends at her new school.


Drawing her mythical journey with a Sound Designed world fluctuating between daydream and reality.


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Our Services

Your story is important to us.

Royal Blue Audio specializes in Sound Post Production for feature films, short films, animation, Web Series and commercials.

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Kerthekan Balasubramaniam

Diploma - Sound Design for Visual Media
B.A. Sound and Music Production

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