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In the Crazy8 Filmmaking Challenge, we had the honor of enhancing a powerful story with our immersive audio design of Zip the short film.


The narrative centers around a 16-year-old Iranian girl, symbolizing the silent struggles faced by many Iranian women. In a touching metaphor, her mouth is sealed with a zipper, representing the oppression she endures.


Our role was to complement this vivid storytelling with a sound experience that deepens the impact of her journey. We aimed to not just tell her story, but to echo the voices of countless women in Iran, making it a truly reflective and meaningful project.


| 15min   |   English   |  Horror & Drama  |

Zip - Still from short film 1.png


Kerthekan took a good film and made it outstanding. His work on the sound design and mix of my short film ZIP has completely elevated the project, helping us stand next to other award-winning films with ease. He was able to accomplish so much of what he did in just one night, and his attention to detail is absolutely incredible. In a film that hones in on the importance of sound and using one's voice, Kerthekan being masterful at his work was essential to ZIP's success. I would highly recommend Kerthekan for any project that needs a post sound technician, as he is extremely skilled at what he does. I very much look forward to our next collaboration together.


- Ava Maria Safai, Director/Writer of ZIP

Meet the Team

Re-recording Mixer & Sound Supervisor

Dialogue Editor

Foley Editor

Sound Editor & Sound Designer

ADR Recordist

Crazy8s Re-Recording Mixer

Kerthekan Balasubramaniam

Luis Fernando Garza Garcia

Sandy Park

Kerthekan Balasubramaniam

Andrew Dixon

Ava Maria Safai

Berke Gulbakan

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