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The Misadventure of Unlikely Heroes

| 1h 34min   |   English   |  Comedy, Drama & Mystery  |

Leading a team in producing 'The Misadventure of Unlikely Heroes' was an exhilarating experience, filled with tension, action, and drama. 


A significant highlight was designing the sound for an intense car chase scene, creating a riveting audio experience that complemented the on-screen action. Additionally, crafting sound for emotionally charged and drug-infused scenes presented a unique challenge, enabling a deeper exploration into the psyche of the characters and enhancing the storytelling through sound.

TMoUH - Still from Film 2.png

Meet the Team

Re-recording Mixer & Sound Supervisor

Dialogue Editor

Foley Artist

Foley Editor

Background Sound Editor

Sound Editor & Sound Designer

Kerthekan Balasubramaniam

Reid Paraszczynec

Kerthekan Balasubramaniam

Diane Schimpl

Adam McDonald 

Moses David

Pato Flores

Kerthekan Balasubramaniam

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