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| 15min   |   English   |  Thriller & Drama |

"Tear in the Void," a short film, follows a deaf-mute counselor with a unique gift: his tears forgive sins confessed by clients.


This ability brings unforeseen complications. The film's sound post-production is experimental, focusing on an immersive, occasionally overwhelming soundscape with fast-changing shots, that mirror the emotional intensity and the counsellor’s deafness experience.

Still from Dohyun Ims' short film, Tear in the Void

Tear in the Void

Tear in the void - Still from Film.png

Meet the Team

Re-recording Mixer

Dialogue Editor

Sound Editor, Foley & Sound Designer

Kerthekan Balasubramaniam

Luis Fernando Garza Garcia

Kerthekan Balasubramaniam

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