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| 1h 34min   |   English & Tamil   |  Documentary |

Ray of Hope

A composition that, over time, had become silent.


Crafting the audio experience was vital to convey the profound sorrow endured by the Tamil people during the civil war. It was an immense honor to narrate this significant story through sound. The creation involved carefully crafted sound montages that reflected key historical events and their profound impacts. Utilizing the power of sound, we were able to accentuate the underlying tension, fear, and uncertainty.

Ray of Hope - Still from trailer.png

Meet the Team

Re-recording Mixer & Sound Supervisor

Dialogue Editor

Foley Artist & Editor



Background Sound Editor

Sound Editor & Sound Designer

Kerthekan Balasubramaniam


Luis Fernando Garza Garcia

Moses David 

Anaïs Siab

Kerthekan Balasubramaniam

Andre Urquidi

Kerthekan Balasubramaniam

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